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Pool Table Moving

O.C. Billiards specializes in moving pool tables. Whether it is relocating a family heirloom or moving a pool table just purchased from a private party O.C. Billiards will treat your pool table with the utmost care and consideration. We have moved hundreds of pool tables and we are the number 1 authorized Olhausen Dealer in Orange County. Protecting your pool table is our top priority. If you have an Olhausen Pool Table you can rest assured that your warranty will remain intact if you have your table moved by an Authorized Olhausen Dealer.

Pricing and Information for Moving Pool Tables:

Move, Set Up and Level 0-20 miles $350

Move, Set Up and Level 20-40 miles $375

Move, Set Up and Level 40-60 miles $400

Stairs add $60 per flight (5 or more steps)

1 pc. slate with stairs add $250+ per flight

Break Down Table (No Set Up) $200-$275 up to 20 miles (Over 20 miles call for pricing)

Move Table (No Set Up) $275

Break Down and Crate Slates (required by most 3rd party moving companies) $425

Flooring Move (Two trips. Disassemble and move to an adjacent space. Return after flooring is complete, move back from adjacent space and setup/re-level with same felt.) $450

Ask about our MOVE and RE-CLOTH Specials.