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ULTiM-8 Chalker CUBE2 TiP-STiK
ULTiM-8 Chalker
Our Price: $22.50
Our Price: $22.50
Our Price: $16.00
ULTiM-8 Chalker is a uniquely original and innovative design. It is the only personal chalk holder of it’s kind…PERIOD! Never before has anything like it been conceived. Machined from a solid block of lightweight 6061 aluminum it has nickel, dime and penny radius shapers machined into it’s surface and hard anodized for durability. This is the only tool available anywhere that offers a penny radius shaper. The machined “diamond” teeth will stay sharp for years and years. Also incorporated into this tool are nearly 100 steel needles for perforating and aerating even the hardest leather tips. Possibly the best feature of any chalker out there are the unique cut outs that allow you to easily remove the worn out piece of chalk...No more digging or breaking the old chalk to remove it!! CUBE2 is a classic work of modern art with unbeatable functionality! Absolutely the best looking tool on the market today. What once was just a block of aluminum has now been transformed into an original masterpiece.  Nickel and dime radius machined shapers, Tapper and nearly 100 steel needles to aerate even the hardest leather tips…CUBE2 is finally the tool you have been waiting for! Designed by a pool player FOR pool players this is the tool you have always dreamed about but hasn’t existed until today! All machined with nothing to wear out or replace…About the size of a cube of chalk, we are sure you will find this to truly be the favorite tool in your bag. TiP STiK is a unique new version of the ever so popular pocket chalker. The thing that sets TiP STiK apart for all of the others is the perforator built into the chalk holder. With nearly 100 sharp steel needles it will perforate and aerate even the hardest leather tip with ease! No need to unscrew or remove anything… just simply turn over and the TiP STiK’s large needle surface is ready to use. With 3 times the surface area and 4 times as many needles as any other perforator tool we’re sure you’re gonna love TiP STiK!

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SHAFT-M8 RAW-Q Shaper Black King Diamond Tipped Insert
Our Price: $12.00
RAW-Q Shaper
Our Price: $6.00
Black King Diamond Tipped Insert
List Price: $36.00
Our Price: $24.00
Save $12.00!
Shaft-M8 is the only shaft conditioning system of it’s kind. Measuring 3″x4″ it is the largest shaft conditioner on the market today. Not just another 2″ round disk that is hard to hold or ordinary piece of leather.  Shaft-M8 is made from the same a space age material originally designed to polish the plexiglass canopy of military aircraft. It has 2400 grit on one side and 3200 grit on the other with a padded foam core to give you a better grip (no more slipping out of your hand) and a better more even finish than the thin cloth or plastic film shaft conditioners. Because the grit is woven into the cloth material it will not wear out.  So fine you can use it as much as you like without damaging or reducing the shaft diameter. Simply wash with soap water and use it over and over!

Custom printing available for dealers. Email for info.
Machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum this simple to use shaper has a nickel radius shaper on one side a dime radius shaper on the other and a tapper along one edge. Most cube shapers on the market come with silicone carbide grit that wears out after a short time but the RAW-Q Shaper has replaceable sandpaper disks. Each RAW-Q Shaper comes with 2 extra sandpaper disks FREE! There is also a convenient hole to put it onto your key chain or easily attach to your cue case. The BEST part about the RAW-Q Shaper is IT’S ALWAYS FREE!!!  It comes absolutely FREE with ANY CUE-TOOLS purchase! Black King now offers Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tipped inserts. These are much sharper than carbide and will not need to be sharpened. PCD will last over 10 times longer than carbide or HSS. If you are primarily cutting plastics, phenolic, leather and wood these inserts will remain sharp for years. Nobody is offering PCD inserts for the billiards industry and we have the lowest prices anywhere.

These will fit most 3/8" tool holders. They are standard TT-221 size inserts.