At Black King Tips we know that the tip is the most important part of any cue stick. The tip is the only part that actually touches the cue ball and it is what makes your cue perform. Not all tips are created equal. Black King Tips are made from hand selected premium quality pigskin leather. Each layer is thoroughly inspected to make sure the thickness, color, density and elasticity are uniform before the lamination steps begin. This painstaking process is what gives Black King Tips their solid feel, consistency, ultimate control, and extreme resistance to miscues and mushrooming you won’t find with other tips. Years of research and development have went into creating what we feel are among the highest quality tips currently on the market. See for yourself....Try one today. We are striving to make cues play tip at a time!

When it comes to tips we know you have many choices.... so choose wisely!….Choose Black King Tips and "Rule Your Game!"

CUBE2 Insert Holder
Our Price: $22.50
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $19.50
Save $10.45!
CUBE2 is a classic work of modern art with unbeatable functionality! Absolutely the best looking tool on the market today. What once was just a block of aluminum has now been transformed into an original masterpiece.  Nickel and dime radius machined shapers, Tapper and nearly 100 steel needles to aerate even the hardest leather tips…CUBE2 is finally the tool you have been waiting for! Designed by a pool player FOR pool players this is the tool you have always dreamed about but hasn’t existed until today! All machined with nothing to wear out or replace…About the size of a cube of chalk, we are sure you will find this to truly be the favorite tool in your bag. These insert holders are made to be used with our PCD Diamond Tipped Inserts. They use a T8 Torx screw and come with the Torx bit tool for tightening and removing the screw. These holder all come with our unconditional lifetime guarantee.
Insert Holder Combo
List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $38.00
Save $21.95!
If you were thinking about trying our PCD inserts but needed a holder...Here is the combo you have been waiting for! We are now offering a PCD Diamond Tipped Insert with the holder you need. Regular pricing would be considerably higher but we are offering an amazing discount for the combo. These are 3/8" square and will easily fit most 3/8" tool posts.

Check out dozens of reviews and testimonials currently on AZBilliards Forums ALL 100% Positive!!

"The hard tips are perfect for my style of play, they move the ball just like my original moori medium from 15 years ago. They trimmed easier than the medium tip held shape just the same and burnished up the same and has not got any harder in the last 2 weeks of play, I actually like the tips so much I am starting to put them on all the new AC cues . - Ariel Carmeli -"

"Overall I feel it's a great playing tip for the price! Best of all, I believe they offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied. Can't beat that!"

"so far these seem to be some very nice tips at a great price. I will definitely be buying more of these."

"I was actually shocked with the feel of the tip & its sound. There were absolutely none of the harsh "ping" sounds...even when struck firmly, well off center, with no chalk in an effort to miscue...the tip remained quiet."

Today's Super Deal!

Black King Gold Package

Our Price: $60.00
10 Tip Package YOU CHOOSE! Mix and match Soft, Medium and Hard.

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Black King Diamond Tipped Insert
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ULTiM-8 Chalker
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